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These notes apply to SalsaJ 1.0, which is distributed as a Windows installer. To install and run SalsaJ, download the Windows .zip file, extract the SalsaJ directory, and launch the "Setup.exe".

SalsaJ requires Windows 95 or later. It runs on a machine with 64MB but it runs better with 256MB or more, particularly when working with large images and/or stacks.

Use the Edit/Options/Memory command to make more than the default 128MB available to SalsaJ. Note that setting the "Maximum Memory" value to more than about 75% of real RAM may result in poor perfomance due to virtual memory "thrashing". The maximum amount of memory that can be allocated is about 1.7 GB.

To upgrade to the latest version of SalsaJ, replace the salsaj.jar file in the SalsaJ folder with a newer one from .

About the Installer
The SalsaJ Windows installer is created using the
Inno Setup installer generator.

Adding a JAR File
Some plugins require adding a JAR file to SalsaJ. In SAlsaJ 1.0, this is done by copying the JAR file into the plugins folder or an immediate subfolder of the plugins folder, then restarting SalsaJ. To compile a plugin that uses a JAR file, copy the JAR file to the Java extensions folder, SalsaJ\jre\lib\ext.

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