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This single action is one of the most used.

Once you have selected a line, or a surface within an image, if you choose "Measure", all measurements linked with this selection will appear on a window named "Results".

Remember that each pixel is associated with a value (a number), so...

If you selected a line (straight, or segment, or free hand), you will get

 the Mean number among all pixels along the line

The Min(imum) and Max(imum)

The "Angle" (only for straight line) relative to the horizontal

The "Length" of the line, or the sum of the lengths of each segment (i.e. the number of pixels that are along this line, even if it is free hand). The length will be convert into the unit defined in Scale.


As long as you select lines, the different measures will be added in the same window (you may later on save it as an excel file for exemple)

If you switch to a surface, and ask for a new measurement, you will be asked to save the data. Then, the "Results" window will be erased.


If you selected a surface (square, circle, or polygon), you will get

Its "Area" (i.e. the number of pixels, converted into the square of the unit defined in Scale)

The "Mean", "Min"imum and "Max"imum values among all pixels included inside the surface.


Again, as long as you select surfaces, the measurements are added one below the other in the "Results" window.

If you select a line, and ask for a new measurement, you are asked to save previous measurements before they get erase.


If you are unhappy with your measurements, you may "select all" and then "clear" the results under the "Edit" Menu of the window "Results"