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Frame-by-frame films


Have you ever observed in detail how a plant grows or seeds develop? They normally grow so slowly that in everyday life we barely notice their evolution. Here, we show you how to  register such slow processes as frame-by-frame films using our SalsaJ software and share observations of plant growth, changing cloud patterns, the Moon wandering slowly over the sky, or a growing crystal ...





Frame-by-frame Films with SalsaJ
(Kinga Janusz, Special School No 3, Cracow, Poland)

How to use SalsaJ to record frame-by-frame films, like this one about a growing cress plant. 

zip .ppt presentation, compressed (zip) with .avi files included 25.86 Mb


Small gallery of frame-by-frame films sent to us by teachers participating in the program. Click on image to download compressed avi file.

Cress growth (Kinga Janusz)  Seeds (Bogus³aw Malañski)     Moon      (Kinga Janusz)   Clouds    (Kinga Janusz)
Crystal growth
(XXVI High School, Łódź, Poland) 

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