Classroom experiments and activities

Webcam and a school microscope - a new door to the microworld !!!

Webcam attached to a school microscope with a simple adapter opens new opportunities for registration of biological images. Below, we show a couple of images taken with the project's webcam and a school microscope by our TRA, Lucyna Gut from Libiąż in Poland. 
Can you use the image of a diffraction grid, taken under exactly the same conditions as other images, to gauge  typical size of various cells? 
If you are interested in application of webcams to biological images, please contact us at . Please note that any webcam with removable lense will do for microscope images, long exposure modification mandatory for astronomical applications is not necessary!

 Apple leaf  diffraction grid L50
 leaf - apple tree
 diffraction grid 50 lines/mm
łodyga powojnika korzen bobu
traveller's-joy - stalk bean - root
 liść jabłoni  łodyga dyni
leaf - apple tree
pumpkin - stalk
 stożek wzrostu łodygi  zalążnia tytoniu
 growing point
 tobacco - ovary