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Remotely Controlled Laboratory Subatomic Experiments !


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Remotely Controlled Laboratory - Subatomic Experiments


 It is not always possible to set up  classroom experiment, especially if it deals with subatomic phenomena. Professor Hansjorg Jodl from Technical University in Kaiserslautern in Germany has created with his collaborators and students from Germany and Finland the Remotely Controlled Laboratory Portal which allows users to perform live laboratory experiments in very much the same way as operating a remotely controlled telescopes or radiotelescopes .

 All experiments can be controlled using ordinary browser. There is absolutely no danger of unexpected interference, in other words you cannot inflict any damage to the apparatus. Just click on the RCL link above or on images below, and enjoy! Experiments are supported by a detailed documentation and discussion set of problems for students. We strongly recommend to read the documentation before starting actual experiments.

 Electron diffraction  Milikan experiment

Electron diffraction on Carbon
  TU Kaiserslautern, Germany 

 Milikan experiment
Helsinki, Finland 

 Rutherford experiment

Rutherford scattering experiment
TU Kaiserslautern, Germany