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Remotely Controlled Physics Experiments in Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Optics !


Remotely Controlled Laboratory Experiments - Classical Physics


 It is not always possible to set up a classroom experiment. Lack of time or funds to set up an experiment? Do not panic! Nowadays, internet opens completely new possibilities by allowing users to perform live laboratory experiments in very much the same way as operating a remotely controlled telescopes or radiotelescopes .

logo professor JodlProfessor Hansjorg Jodl from Technical University in Kaiserslautern in Germany has created with his collaborators and students the Remotely Controlled Laboratory Portal .

Professor Franz Schauer from Tomas Bata Technical University in Zlin and University of Trnava in Czech Republic together with his Czech and Slovak collaborators used Intelligent School Experimental System (ISES) to build interactive real time remote physics experiment site.


All experiments can be controlled using ordinary browser. There is absolutely no danger of unexpected interference, in other words you cannot inflict any damage to the apparatus. Just click on links above or on images below, and enjoy!

 Electromagnetic induction  Photovoltaic cell experiment

Electromagnetic induction
  Czech Republic

  Photovoltaic cell
  Czech Republic 

 Water level control experiment  Wind tunnel experiment

Water level control
Czech Republic 

Wind tunnel experiment
TGZ GmbH, Germany 

 oscilloscope  diffraction and interference

TU Kaiserslautern, Germany

Diifraction and interference
ALP, Dillingen, Germany 

 oscilloscope  diffraction and interference

Forced oscillator
Czech Republic 

Diifraction on a slit
Czech Republic