Pedagogical material

Rotation of the Milky Way. Kinesthetic Activity - Teacher's Guide

  Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 19.05.40 This material (docx, doc, pdf) has been prepared by Alexander Rudolph for the EU-HOUMW in the course of his sabbatical in UPMC, Paris.

The activity performed on 5th April 2012 at UPMC in Paris in the course of the EU-HOU Comenius teacher training is displayed in the video. It is intended to provide a practical view of the main concepts used to analyse the HI data acquired with the EU-HOUMW SRT network or through the archive data or simulator mode tool.




Understanding the Rotation of the Milky Way Using Radio Telescope Observations

  Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 19.37.46

This activity (docx, doc, pdf) prepared by Alexander Rudolph complete the kinesthetic activity and provide step-by-step instructions 

to reproduce the main results achieved through the kinesthetic activity using the EU-HOUMW Web interface.   

A special emphasis is put on the concepts (Doppler shifts, rotations) present in the physics used to analyse HI data.