Artificial Satellite Radio Experiment

How to use Artificial Satellite Radio Experiment in school

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  Artificial satellites orbiting the Earth could be the subject of numerous activity at the secondary level. Their orbit computation is based on a lot of physics: Kepler's laws, orbits... and numerous applications (GPS, communication with the astronauts in the Internal Space Station) can be explored.  This presentation (ppt, pdf) by Cezar Lesanu provides a good overview of the different possible activities based on simple devices.

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Stockert T25m Radio-Telescope

Observing with a 25m radiotelescope in school!

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The Stockert Radio Telescope is a historical radio telescope on a 435 m high hill in Bad Münstereifel, west of Bonn, Germany.   Inaugurated on 17 September 1956, it has been used for research until 1979. It was then used to train university students until 1993. In 1999, the installation was listed for its industrial heritage. It is now operated by Förderverein Astropeiler Stockert, which is has updated the technology and has opened site to the public. In the course of this project, the Web interface has been developped to enable remote observations to European classrooms.


The manual (doc, pdf) prepared in the course of the EU-HOUMW provides detailled instructions on how to use this impressive instrument.