Webcam astronomy

Astronomical observatory in your school ?

minervg.gif  How to build a low-cost observatory in your school with EU-HOU help? You will be suprised to learn how many interesting observations can be performed using systems readily available to schools.

  • CCD observatory in school Guide for students, teachers and parents
    (A. Tretowska, L. Nowotko, T. Sowinski, W. Sliwa, G. Wrochna and P. Fita, Poland)

    Read, how to build in your school a simple astronomical CCD observatory with a webcamera! Extensive description of hardware and software needed. Easy guide on how to make your first own observations!

    CCD observatory in school Guide for students, teachers and parents (pdf, 1.6 MB)

  • Amateur observations
    (Grzegorz Wrochna, Soltan Institiute for Nuclear Studies)

    Internet TV program about how to build a small astronomical observatory using webcam and an amateur telescope or a photo lense. This program was recorded more than a year ago. Now, we recommend the latest version of SalsaJ as the basic software for CCD school observatory.

    Amateur observations (ram, Real Player or similar software required)

  • Getting started with webcam observations
    (Tomasz Skowron, High School No 13, Szczecin, Poland)

    First-hand account of teacher who has built webcam school observatory without any previous experience. You may contact TRA Tomasz Skowron in matters concerning observatory in your school.

    Getting started with webcam observations (pdf, 0.2 MB)

  • Operating webcam under SalsaJ software -  User Manual
    (Arek Kalicki, Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw, Poland)

    User Manual describing how to use the EU-HOU software SalsaJ to operate your webcam. Camera Settings, Advanced Settings, Normal and Long exposure modes, Movie and Single Image acquisition, Camera amplifier control, Batch mode (taking series of images in predefined intervals).

    Webcam Plugin  User Manual (pdf, 0.55 MB)