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This action opens a new window, titled with the name of the running image. To close this window, and proceed to other actions, you need to click "ok" or "cancel"


The pieces of information provided are :

Global information on the image

- width and height : number of pixels in the image

- Channels : 

- Slices :

- Frames :

If there are more than one frame, you find at the bottom the time interval between two frames (if provided in the image information)


If the scale is already defined for this image, you find next:

 - the unit of the length (here kilometers)

 - the size of one pixel in this specific unit. If the pixel is not isotropic, the width may be different from the height. Here, they are both equal to 0.4 km. The suface of one pixel is then, here, 0.42 km2


-Voxel depth :


If the scale is not defined, you may do so using the  action Analyse/Set Scale


The origin of the pixels is also provided.....

A final box called 'Global'....;


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