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Uranus and two satellites Umbriel and Oberon. 18 views  de 30s, focal length reducer, webcam Philips ToUcam pro II ( LExp) l

André Debackère
SAF n° 31777
Monistrol sur Loire 43
45° 18' 52" N 4° 10' 8" E   605 m



Uranus and its satellites UII & UIV on October 20, 2007

Good weather's conditions this evening of October 20, 2007 at 22:00 UT. Good transparency, weak turbulence, temperature -1°C, no wind.

Equipment : “Astro at the school”
Acquisition of the images with the software “SalsaJ”
ToUcam pro II modified Long-Exposure
Focal length reducer
Flip mirror
Mount HEQ5 Goto

Personal equipment
Intes M703 Telescope 180/1800

Catches of views :
40 views of 30s each
gain 75%
luminosity 50%
gamma 0%

Treatment with the software “Iris” of Christian Buil
18 better images
subtraction of the offset
optimization of the black
subtraction of the dark
division by the flat-field

With the software “Sky charts “of Patrick Chevalley identification of stars of the field (catalogues Tycho and Usno-A) identification of the satellites of Uranus