Observations with INO telescope

Observations from Arizona, with the remotely controled telescope Ironwood North Observatory (INO)

The truly simple Web interface of this telescope, allowed us to take pictures of  Messier’s objects, well-known certainly, but always so spectacular. This was just our first observing session, one hour and half long. The firsts pictures were black and white (M27, M51, M101). Then, we tried the colour procedure - a set of filter is available – with four images LRVB: thus we could get M57’s colors.

 Thank you to Anne Laure Melchior (UPMC-France) and Lech Mankiewicz (Center for Theoretical Physics PAS, Warsaw-Poland), who guided us, step by step, in handling this instrument.


Scientifical and Technical Workshop Astronomy/Astrophysics,

High school Nicolas Appert 44802 Orvault (France).

The INO telescope aperture is 10 inches (0,25 m), it is located near Phoenix, Arizona (US) , more precisely at Queen Creek. 

That is to say,  here :   (From   Google Earth


 Time shift is nine hours (Summer time in France: UT+2, Phoenix MST: UT-7).

We observed on 31 May 2007 between nine and ten and a half - French time.


 Messier 101 : our first picture

exposure : 2 min

  Messier 51 :

  exposure : 2 min  



 Messier 27 :

  exposure 2 min 

Messier 57 :

 exposure: 4 X 2 min with luminance.

Colour image obtained by combination of the layers Red Green and Blue using the SalsaJ software:


Two other sessions of observations are scheduled by the end of June, to get nice pictures.