Two supernovae in the same galaxy !!!

Don't miss the opportunity to spot a galaxy with two supernovae visible at the same time! SN 2007ck has been discovered by Tom Boles on May 19 and SN 2007co by J. Nicolas on June 04. They are visible in MCG +5-43-16 galaxy in Hercules. Their V magnitudes are 18.6 and 16.6 respectively, as of the end of June. We have spotted them using LCOGT Faulkes North Telescope on a single image with exposure time of 80 seconds. The results are already published in the the Portal of Supernovae .


dwie supernowe

Image taken by students of V High School in Torun, Poland,working under guidance of Chris Rochowicz, EU-HOU TRA, on Friday June 22nd, 2007. Both stars are clearly visible on the 80 seconds exposure.