Life Cycle of Stars Themed Observing Day

On Wednesday 23rd May, the Faulkes Telescope Team ran a themed observing day for which all of the observations were used to create a poster based around the Life Cycle of Stars. 



  The whole observing night of 23rd May (0830-1359 UTC) was dedicated to obtaining images of stars in different stages of their lives, such as open clusters, globular clusters and nebulae.

Schools from the UK and Poland took part in this event, and were advised before the day which objects they were responsible for observing during their 30 minute session on the telescope. 

 At the end of the day, the FT Team produced an A3 Life Cycle of Stars poster using the data obtained from the users. This data is also freely available to download from the Faulkes Telescope website so anyone can have a go at producing their own posters for the classroom! Click here to be redirected to the data page, and here to find out how you can process the data to make pretty colour images using either The GIMP or Photoshop.