Making an asteroid movie!

The Faulkes Telescope Project, in collaboration with their Polish partners, who are supported by the British Council in Poland, recently created a movie of an asteroid moving against the starry background.

The chosen asteroid for making such a movie, was 9 Metis, one of the largest main belt asteroids. This asteroid moved a considerable distance through the Faulkes Telescope field of view during the two hours in which it was observed, making it an ideal candidate for an asteroid movie! 

Two UK schools - West Monmouth and Monmouth School, and two Polish schools, Niepolomice and the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Lodz, took part in the observing.  

Instructions for making a movie using Windows Movie Maker were written by Pawel Maksym of the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Lodz and can be downloaded from the Faulkes Telescope website, here .  In order to make your own movie, you can either use the RTI JPEG files from the telescope or you can download and process the FITS files with Iris (which is more preferable). Instructions for doing this with Iris, along with the FITS files taken on the day, are also available to download from the link above.

 The table below contains links to the asteroid movies as produced by each school. 



LCOGT Manmouth School Monmouth School Movie
LCOGT West Manmouth School rar Metis 1.5 Mb  West Monmouth School Movie
LCOGT ASP Lódż rar Metis 2.0 Mb  ASP Movie
LCOGT MOA rar Metis 0.5 Mb  MOA Movie