GTTP / EU-HOU part of IAU strategic plan 2010-2020

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has lauched in 2009 the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), a Cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. Global-HOU is a major component of GTTP.

Global-HOU, among which EU-HOU is the leading consortium, is now officially included in the Astronomy for the Developing World Strategic Plan 2010-20 of IAU, under Section 3.4.2 Astronomy for Children and Schools. During the next decade the IAU will concentrate more resources on education activities for children and schools designed to advance sustainable global development.

The IAU Plan 2010-20 states:

« The GTTP is concerned with the effective use and transfer of astronomy education tools and ressources into classroom science curricula. By training a worldwide network of "Galileo Ambassadors" who will train new "Galileo Teachers" the effect of the program will be multiplied. The GTTP is closely affiliated with the Global Hands-on Universe Program.  

Outreach to teachers will involve the provision of training courses, development and translation of materials and harnessing global technological resources in the service of primary and secondary education. A specific goal will be to provide expertise for at least one teacher training course in each region every year, to be organized together with the regional coordinators.

B.3 Secondary education - Global Hands-on Universe
GHOU is an educational program that enables secondary school students to investigate the Universe while applying tools and concepts from science, mathematics and technology. Using the internet, HOU participants around the world request observations from an automated telescope or download images from a large image archive, and analyze them with the aid of user-friendly image processing software. »