Exoplanet... live !

The exoplanet XO-3b will transit its star on next Feb 13, an event which can be observed from (large) amateur astronomers telescopes.To learn more about exoplanet detection, try our EU-HOU exercise.

You can monitor the planet transit live from the Bareket Observatory.

The National Institute for Astrophysics, Astronomical Observatories of Brera and Palermo Italy - plans to collect light curve data acquired on next Feb 13 by as many observers as possible, and to perform an accurate analysis of them.

XO-3b is an exoplanet with about 12 times the mass of Jupiter, and an orbit around its parent star in about 3 days. The radius of this object is 20% larger that of Jupiter. More about this exoplanet in wikipedia.

Star is: XO-3, distance 260 pc, spectral type F5V, mag=9.8 (V), RA=042153, DEC=574901. More info in