Teachers invited to training session in Torun (Poland)

In the course of the COMENIUS project, the 3rd European teacher training session will take place in Poland, in the city of Torun, Institute of Physics.

The dates for the workshop are 6th May - 9th May 2010.  The 6th and 9th May will be 'travel days' for arrival and departure, with the actual workshops being held on the 7th and 8th May.

The nearest airport is Warsaw Frédéric Chopin International Airport. There are convenient train connections from Warszawa Centralna to Torun Glowny.

Training session should include talks, lessons and exercises about:

  • Usage of robotic telescopes
  • Introducing photometry
  • Doppler effect and extrasolar planets
  • Transiting extrasolar planets
  • Introduction to radio astronomy
  • On-line radio observations from Onsala (Sweden)
  • Measuring dark matter
  • Measuring Moon craters
  • Galilean satellites and mass of Jupiter
  • Sun4all
  • HOU resources and the website

For more information please read this dedicated page, or contact:

Dr. Jozefina Turlo
Faculty of Physics,
Astronomy and Informatics
Nicolaus Copernicus University,
Torun, Poland


Dr. Olivier Marco
EUHOU project coordinator
Pierre & Marie Curie University
Paris, France