Comenius training session in France

In the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme, EU-HOU propose special European training sessions in France, at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris
2nd session: 17-21/01/2011 DEAD-LINE FOR REGISTRATION : 15 SEPTEMBER 2010

The main goal of this training is to re-awake the interest for science in the young generation with inquiry-based methods. Renewing of the teaching of science is fulfilled through astronomy as a well-established source of motivation, and through the use of new Information and Communication Technologies - ICT. Involving teachers in a variety of research-based astronomical projects, we will excite, enthuse and motivate them to teach science/technology/maths. The training is intended to enhance basic competencies of teachers and develop higher level skills and expertise, primarily in ICT, maths and physics area. The EU-HOU project will provide the opportunity for trained teachers to get involved in stimulating international collaborations and to enthuse their pupils to study sciences/technology/maths at a higher level.