Secondary school pupils to get pictures of dwarf planets using remote Faulkes telescope

 The dwarf planet Ceres

Secondary school pupils at the Collège Monteil (Monistrol sur Loire, France) have succeeded in finding the dwarf planets Pluto and Ceres using a British robotic telescope, Faulkes.

Under the direction of their teacher, Mr. Debackere, the pupils were able to learn about astronomy and sky observations. During the year, pupils could use a Celestron telescope and a webcam modified for long exposure, offered by the EU-HOU as part of the French Operation Astro at school.

Shown on this picture is the school's animated gif of Ceres, the smallest known dwarf planet in our Solar System, taken with a 5s exposure using the R filter on Faulkes Telescope. Ceres is very obvious near the centre of the image!