How to use the EU-HOU logo in your communication

To give a coherent look to the document that we produce we will use the logo that Armella Leung has created for our project.

This logo exists in two flavors that you can use on a light-colored background or on a dark-colored background. The logo has been created with a transparent background using Adobe Illustrator (.ai file, a vectorial format enabling easy resizing) but some file format doesn't keep the transparency, so the logo would appear on a background of solid color.
You can download this logo in various file formats by right-clicking on the links below.

For light colored background : petit_euhourvb_04.gif

vectorial formats : (282.71 KB)  euhourvb_04.eps (367.33 KB)  euhourvb_04.swf (3.23 KB)
 euhourvb_04.dxf (60.04 KB)  euhourvb_04.svg (254.97 KB)  

bitmaps formats :

 euhourvb_04.png (keeps transparancy)  euhourvb8_04.png (6.71 KB) (keeps transparancy) euhourvb24_04.png (9.95 KB)  (keeps transparancy)
 euhourvb_04.jpg (68.50 KB) (transparancy is lost)  euhourvb_04.tif (880.19 KB) (transparancy lost)  euhourvb_04.gif (9.82 KB) (keeps transparancy)
 euhourvb_04.tga (1.13 MB) (transparancy is lost)  euhourvb_04.psd (137.96 KB) (photoshop file)  euhourvb_04.bmp (866.45 KB) (transparancy is lost)


 For dark-colored background : fondsombre.gif

 vectorial formats : (275.25 KB)    euhoublanc_04.eps (421.45 KB)

  bitmaps formats :

 euhoublanc_04.jpg (28.39 KB)  euhoublanc_04.tif (889.64 KB)  euhoublanc_04.psd (81.16 KB)
 euhoublanc_04.png (10.18 KB)