Annular Eclipse in Bragança (Portugal), 3 October, 2005

Image credits:
Hugo Silva (NUCLIO).

The North of Portugal had the privilege of being on the path of the annularity of the solar eclipse which ocurred on the 3rd October, 2005. NUCLIO - the portuguese partner of EU-HOU - organized a whole weekend of astronomical events in Argozelo (Bragança) that culminated with the observation of the annular eclipse on Monday morning. Over 2000 people gathered for the event.

For the weekend of 1-2 October, NUCLIO organized a series of astronomical activities in a small village, Argozelo, district of Bragança. The program included public talks by scientists and professors, astronomical observations with telescopes at night and solar observations during the day, hands-on activities for children, and a poster exposition.
Image credits:
Mário Ramos (CA2000/NUCLIO),
Carlos Santos (NUCLIO),
Miguel Moreira (NUCLIO).

Hundreds of people, from all over Portugal, visited Argozelo during the weekend. In the morning of the eclipse, more than 2000 people, of all ages, observed the eclipse with NUCLIO. All primary schools from the region were there.

All three national TV stations broadcasted the whole event.

A couple of posters about EU-HOU, as well as the hands-on activities NUCLIO prepared for the children, were the perfect call for teachers, who showed great enthusiasm about the EU-HOU project.