EU-HOU partner from UK visits Portugal

NUCLIO welcomed Robert Hill, from the Armagh Planetarium (Northern Ireland), to  Portugal for a very successful visit. The two EU-HOU partners joint efforts to establish a collaboration that aims to have middle and high-schools use Faulkes Telescope integrated in real scientific projects, under the supervision of portuguese scientists from NUCLIO. A meeting at the British Council (BC) in Lisbon initiated negotiations regarding the support from the BC to these collaborative projects.

The introduction of BA CREST Awards (British Association Celebrating CREativity in Science and Technology) in Portuguese schools was also discussed.img_0154copying.jpg

Robert Hill visited the Instituto Geográfico do Exército (Geographic Insitute of the Army), which is NUCLIO’s Portuguese partner for EU-HOU. The Institute has a small astronomical observatory and has plans to adapt a remote operated solar telescope. Portugal will be happy to make the facility available to other EU-HOU partners.

Andy MacPherson, from Caspian Learning, came with Robert Hill to meet NUCLIO and set up a collaboration to introduce virtual reality resources as an education vehicle in Portugal.

Both Robert Hill and Andy MacPherson were interviewed for an upcoming TV programme where NUCLIO will talk about its projects, with special focus on EU-HOU.